Hymn of the Dandelion

Drama, romance, avarice, and retribution abound in “The Hymn of the Dandelion.” Because it pays tribute to those who came before it, this book will be a moral beacon for the future. This poem tells stories of tears shed, sleep taken, and contentment felt by Judy in The Hymn of the Dandelion, and readers will be compelled to follow its lead.

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Asked Questions

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Judy Abualhassan is a 18 year old poet.
Judy shared her first work when she was 12.
Judy Abualhassan lives in Saudia Arabia.
Judy’s work reflects Shakespeare, William, Keats and Poe.
The hymn of the dandelion is about love, tragedy and hope.
Hymn of the Dandelion is Judy’s first published book.
It tells us relatable experiences of the author and how to cope up with it.
Yes, Hymn of the Dandelion is a poetry collection.
Yes, Hymn of the Dandelion is the author’s experiences and observations.
Judy looks up to Shakespeare and William in literature.