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Judy Abualhassan’s Hymn of the Dandelion is a collection of short stories. Although she tells numerous tales of sorrow, anguish, and suffering, she also tells tales that inspire hope and joy. This book is a combination of Judy’s life experiences, views, and recollections, which she hopes will resonate with her readers.

Since a long time, Judy Abualhassan has relished her position in the arts world. When she first touched the paper and pencil, she realised she had a creative soul, and she started drawing endlessly until she decided it was time to broaden her skill set. When it came to writing, she opted for the greats like Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare, and Edgar Allan Poe as her inspirations, and her work lives up to their standards. By the time she was ten, she had already written a few short tales and unfinished novels, but it wasn’t until she was twelve that she really began to appreciate the lyrical beauty of words that echoed one another. She was satisfied with the fixed writing since it gave her the authority she needed.

Love, death, and failure are all themes in “Hymn of the Dandelion.” As a testament to the author’s legacy, this book will be filled with moral teachings that gleam off the pages. Tragic experiences are told in “Hymn of the Dandelion,” which Judy treasures and to which her readers may be able to connect.

Hymn of the Dandelion, a passage from her book:

For the clouds that carry thy tears;
Art they of the gravely blue?
Oh but preach the blonde dame Sue–
Dost she decay hither too?

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Hymn of the Dandelion

Drama, romance, avarice, and retribution abound in “The Hymn of the Dandelion.” Because it pays tribute to those who came before it, this book will be a moral beacon for the future. This poem tells stories of tears shed, sleep taken, and contentment felt by Judy in The Hymn of the Dandelion, and readers will be compelled to follow its lead.