The Hymn of the Dandelion and worlds of Imagination

The world as we know it would be a pretty dull and painstakingly lifeless place if we had poetry in our lives. The imagination aspect of our way of thinking is something we all need, whether we like to admit it or not.  This leads me to a recent poetry book that I read called the hymn of the Dandelion which was written by Judy Abualhassan a young boding writer who lives in turkey.  She is a prime example of someone who from a young age had imagination in spades.

Our sensory of creative abilities are based on complicated and complex parts of our brains. It is in our very nature as humans to put ourselves in the shoes of situations that are hypothetical scenarios that play in our heads. Within the depths of our minds, we envision possibilities and what can happen. Judy’s work in Hymn of the dandelion is a testament to that. One of the biggest challenges for any young inspiring writer is that even though imagination-wise they are stocked up but what they have in youthful imagination they lack in experience, however, with Judy Abualhassan it’s a different story altogether.

Hymn of the Dandelion isn’t a poetry book that lacks imagination or experience and in fact, is something that excels at them both.  The worlds within each poetry chapter reveal something different each time, whether it be a different era or a different atmosphere altogether. Judy gives the reader room, time, and access to imagine and visualize ideas. Now some may say that is what a writer worth their salt are supposed to do, but then again this is expected of writers who know what they are doing and gathered experience throughout the years, for Judy this is her first book and she has shown a level of class and maturity that you find in writers who have written multiple books but, in her case, it just comes naturally.

While reading my mind was stimulated with absolute wonder and imagination, in some parts, I imagined myself in a forest, even though I have never been in one physically and maybe I did as a kid but don’t have a recollection of ever being in a forest-like setting. I thought to myself while in the forest “what am I in this forest to find? a Kindred spirit? Myself?” It’s been a long time since I have daydreamed like that, and it’s because of JUDY Abualhassan that this occurred.

We all long to dream, imaginary worlds, and we want to live in them as it’s an escape from reality. Many of us can do it at a whim, but for many who are trapped in the reality of life for us, we need an external force to help us, something that triggers that part of our brain. Fortunately, The Hymn of the Dandelion by JUDY Abualhassan was the right kind of trigger for me to visit my land of imagination

I will end the blog with the king of dreams and writer Neil Gaiman himself who explains what I wrote perfectly “The imagination is a muscle. If it is not exercised, it atrophies”

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