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Judy Abualhassan comes of age

They say maturity comes with time and patience though only the latter is true for Judy Abualhassan who at the age of 18 has written her first poetry book called Hymn of the Dandelion.  She has experienced great things in her life, as she has spent her time with artists in turkey where she could delve into her craft without anything holding her back.

For a long time, Judy Abualhassan has been a part of the creative community. She first realized she had a knack for writing well early on in the developmental stage as an artist. All she needed was a piece of paper and a pencil in her hands and the magic flowed. All the while she was getting confident page after page, and honing her craft, she also started to paint and kept drawing consistently until she felt she was ready to go all-in, boy all in did she go.

An inspiration that brought out the writer in Judy

Judy began writing because like many others she was inspired by the works of Virgil, Dante, Shakespeare, and Edgar Allan Poe, who are known as the original authors that elevated the art of poetry to no bounds. Judy Abualhassan took inspiration and began at the tender age of 10 by writing short stories. From there she also took up writing novels that helped her develop even further. Her goal from the offset was to satiate her desire to write until the day she turned twelve, her first poetry stanzas awoke something inside of her and became a part of her life, and made her even more motivated as she was captivated by poetry writing. This is all because of the authors of yesteryear as their works are still inspiring generations of writers to paint the page with poetry.

A wonderful tribute 

The hymn of the Dandelion is an amazing read and shows what she can do at such a young age. She wrote the book most importantly for herself, pouring her heart and craft on the page.  The poetry is truly magnificent, and it gives off deep insight into what Judy Abualhassan is like. I can imagine her being free from the constraints of society, not afraid to be judged, holding power over herself that most people would kill for. It is also a testament to all people in Judy’s life who have supported and nurtured her into becoming the writer she is today. Without the support of people around you, the artist within you can’t prosper fully but thankfully in Judy’s case she has become a full-fledged artist.

The future looks bright

Judy Abualhassan is only getting started. The talent, determination, and ambition she possesses will take her far and beyond. Age is on her side and so is the control of the craft which will only get better with time. Another positive thing is that poetry is alive as well because as years have passed it is slowly becoming the thing of the past but when authors like Judy Abualhassan come up with beautiful poetry, it gives me hope that poetry is alive and thriving.

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